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Grey Marble Effect Tile Wall Panels, Aquaclad


Size: 2800x250x8mmQty Pack: 1

Elevate your bathroom with Grey Marble Effect Tile Bathroom Wall Panels. These PVC panels offer easy installation and maintenance, seamlessly mimicking the look of tiles. Pair with Aquaclad Satin Chrome Edge Trim for a polished finish.

  • Effortless Elegance: Achieve a high-end tile appearance without complex installation.
  • Simplified Setup: Enjoy stress-free installation, saving time and effort.
  • Low-Maintenance: A simple wipe keeps your bathroom looking stylish.
  • Seamless Design: Precision cut lines and a Matt finish create a refined look.
  • Durability: Crafted from durable PVC, ensuring long-lasting beauty.
  • Versatile: Ideal for bathrooms and feature walls, adding opulence to any space.

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Benefits of Grey Marble Effect Tile Bathroom Wall Panels

Transform your bathroom into a haven of sophistication with the Grey Marble Tile Effect Bathroom Wall Panels. These panels effortlessly bring the luxurious look of tiles without the intricacies of traditional installation. Crafted from high-quality PVC, they promise not only an exquisite appearance but also hassle-free maintenance, making your space a true testament to modern convenience and timeless elegance.

Effortless Elegance: Experience the allure of high-end tiles without the complexities of installation. These panels flawlessly capture the opulence of marble, enhancing your bathroom with a touch of effortless elegance that’s sure to captivate.

Simplified Setup: Streamline your renovation journey with an installation process that prioritises your convenience. Embrace the ease of transforming your space as these panels ensure a hassle-free setup, saving you precious time and effort.

Low-Maintenance Luxury: Revel in the joy of easy upkeep. These panels simplify your cleaning routine, requiring nothing more than a quick wipe to maintain their stunning appearance, allowing you to savour your bathroom’s beauty without the stress of constant maintenance.

Seamless Design: Every detail matters. The precision cut lines and exquisite Matt finish of these panels create a visual masterpiece that seamlessly integrates into your space. Enjoy a harmonious aesthetic that reflects your refined taste.

Durability: Crafted from robust PVC, these panels are designed to withstand the test of time. With their exceptional durability, your bathroom exudes long-lasting beauty and splendour that endures for years to come.

Versatile Applications: Beyond just bathrooms, these panels extend their charm to feature walls, granting you the freedom to create captivating focal points that exude opulence and modernity in every corner of your home.

Upgrade your bathroom effortlessly, embracing the Grey Marble Effect Wall Panels as your canvas for artistic expression and practical innovation. Immerse yourself in a world where aesthetics meet functionality, where luxury meets convenience, and where your space becomes an embodiment of your unique vision and lifestyle.


Style Effect: Tile
Size: 2800x250x8mm
Length: 2800mm
Width: 250mm
Thickness: 8mm
Qty Pack: 1
Weight 100 kg
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