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Silver Granite Wall Panels, Aquabord


Size: 2400x1000x10mmQty Pack: 1

Revamp your bathroom and wet spaces with Aquabord’s Silver Granite Effect Wall Panels. Engineered for endurance and infused with style, these panels deliver the ultimate answer to your bathroom wall cladding needs.

  • 100% Waterproof: Tailored for bathrooms and shower room wet areas, these Aquabord PVC panels stand strong against moisture and humidity, preserving their beauty over time.
  • Seamless Aesthetic: Embrace a sleek, joint-free surface through our tongue and groove design, imparting a polished, uninterrupted appearance.
  • Uncompromising Strength: With lightweight yet sturdy hollow construction, our panels provide a robust solution, weighing 10kgs – twice as durable as other alternatives.
  • Ample and Attractive: Effortlessly cover your shower cubicle up to 1000mm without unsightly joints, ensuring a generous and visually pleasing coverage.
  • Enhanced Endurance: Elevate to Aquabord from our Aquaclad range for an even hardier construction, promising enduring performance that stands the test of time.
  • Confidence in Quality: Enjoy peace of mind with our 10 Year Guarantee, a testament to the durability and reliability of your investment.

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Elevate Your Bathroom with Unparalleled Elegance: Silver Granite Effect Wall Panels

Imagine a bathroom that redefines sophistication and endurance, where style harmonises seamlessly with strength. Our Aquabord Silver Granite Stone Effect Wall Panels have been meticulously crafted to revolutionise your bathroom’s aesthetic and functional potential, offering a transformative solution that stands as a testament to modern innovation.

A Symphony of Style and Durability: Step into a realm where your bathroom becomes a canvas of timeless allure. Aquabord’s Silver Granite Effect Wall Panels are not just ordinary panels; they are an embodiment of luxury, elegance, and practicality. Expertly designed to withstand the challenges of a moisture-rich environment, these panels marry aesthetics with resilience, creating a sanctuary of enduring beauty.

Unveiling the Benefits:

Waterproof Marvel: Tailored specifically for bathrooms and wet areas, these Aquabord PVC panels offer unparalleled waterproof protection. Moisture and humidity are no longer adversaries, allowing you to relish your bathroom’s exquisite appeal for years to come.

Seamless Aesthetic Brilliance: Embrace the elegance of a joint-free surface, achieved through our masterfully engineered tongue and groove design. Each panel seamlessly connects, creating a polished and uninterrupted expanse that exudes sophistication.

Strength in Design: While our panels exhibit a lightweight profile, their hollow construction doesn’t compromise on strength. Weighing 10kgs, double that of comparable panels, these robust solutions ensure lasting performance without compromising on elegance.

Coverage Redefined: Immerse yourself in the expansive beauty of our panels that allow you to cover your shower cubicle up to 1000mm without the intrusion of joints. This generous coverage not only enhances aesthetics but also simplifies cleaning and maintenance.

Unmatched Endurance: For those seeking an elevated level of toughness, consider upgrading to Aquabord from our Aquaclad range. Experience a construction that goes above and beyond, promising unyielding performance and enduring splendour.

Guaranteed Satisfaction: Our commitment to quality and your satisfaction is unwavering. Rest easy with our 10 Year Guarantee, an assurance that your investment is safeguarded and protected, reflecting the trust we have in the durability of our panels.

Experience the Transformation: Discover the transformative power of Aquabord’s Silver Granite Effect Wall Panels and immerse yourself in a bathroom experience that is both aesthetically stunning and functionally enduring. Redefine your space with a harmonious blend of opulence and strength, elevating your bathroom into a realm of unprecedented beauty. Embrace the elegance of innovation and indulge in a bathroom that is truly remarkable.


Style Effect: Marble Effect Wall Panels
Size: 2400x1000x10mm
Length: 2400mm
Width: 1000mm
Thickness: 10mm
Qty Pack: 1
Weight 100 kg
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