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Light Grey Marble Gloss Wall Panels, Aquaclad


Size: 2600x250x8mmQty Pack: 1

Upgrade your bathroom with Light Grey Marble Gloss Wall Panels, infusing an aura of elegance. Complement your space with the exquisite touch of Light Grey Marble shower panels. These durable PVC panels are easily installed without grouting, offering a hassle-free, 100% waterproof, and hygienic solution. Experience the convenience of lightweight panels supported by a 10-year guarantee.

  • 100% Waterproof: Our Light Grey Marble Gloss Bathroom Wall Panels provide full waterproof protection, ensuring the safety of your walls.
  • Effortless Installation: Achieve a professional finish following our provided instructions. Basic DIY skills and a helper are sufficient.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Keep your bathroom immaculate by wiping panels with soap and water.
  • Tailored to Perfection: Customise panels seamlessly to encircle bathroom fixtures, achieving a polished look.

Elevate Your Bathroom with Timeless Elegance: Light Grey Marble Gloss Wall Panels

Upgrade your bathroom ambiance with the understated luxury of Light Grey Marble Gloss Wall Panels. Experience a sophisticated transformation as you introduce the touch of Light Grey Marble to your space. These exceptional shower panels, crafted from durable PVC, promise more than just an upgrade – they offer an embodiment of style, functionality, and easy maintenance.

Seamless Installation for Lasting Beauty: With the Light Grey Marble Gloss Wall Panels, achieving a pro finish is effortless. Our comprehensive kit and user-friendly instructions ensure a seamless installation, requiring only basic DIY skills and a helper. Say goodbye to the hassle of grouting as you embrace the simplicity of these panels that seamlessly mimic the beauty of genuine marble tiles.

Uncompromising Protection and Durability: Waterproof Confidence: Trust in the complete waterproof protection provided by our Light Grey Marble Gloss Bathroom Wall Panels. Your walls will remain safeguarded against moisture, ensuring longevity and beauty. Effortless Upkeep: Enjoy an impeccable bathroom with minimal effort. Maintaining these panels is as simple as a quick wipe with soap and water, preserving their pristine appearance.

Tailored Customisation: Effortlessly tailor the Light Grey Marble Effect Wall Panels to encircle your bathroom fixtures, achieving a look that is a true reflection of your style. Elevate your bathing space with a touch of sophistication that resonates with your unique taste.

Backed by Quality and Confidence: Experience the assurance of a 10-year guarantee that accompanies these panels. Proclad’s commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures that your investment in the Light Grey Marble Gloss Wall Panels is a testament to a bathroom upgrade that stands the test of time.

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of enduring elegance with Proclad’s Light Grey Marble Gloss Wall Panels. Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of marble, enhanced with the convenience of modern design and the promise of durability. Let your bathroom reflect your discerning style while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from choosing a quality solution.


Style Effect: Marble Effect Wall Panels
Size: 2600x250x8mm
Length: 2600mm
Width: 250mm
Thickness: 8mm
Qty Pack: 1
Colour: Grey
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call_2_action styled_box guarantee_box