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Ocean Blue Wall Panels, Proclad


Size: 2440x1220x2.5mmQty Pack: 1

Elevate your bathroom décor with Proclad’s Ocean Blue Bathroom Wall Panels. These PVC panels, available in a stunning ocean blue hue, offer a hassle-free and hygienic solution for your bathroom upgrade. Experience the ease of installation with lightweight panels that come with comprehensive instructions, and benefit from their 100% waterproof nature, all backed by a 10-year guarantee.

  • 100% Waterproofing: Total waterproof for your walls with Proclad’s Ocean Blue Wall Cladding.
  • Easy Installation: Attain professional results using the provided step-by-step guidance – basic DIY skills and a companion are sufficient.
  • Easy Care: Maintain the pristine condition of your bathroom by effortlessly cleansing the panels with soap and water.
  • Tailored Fit: Effortlessly tailor the panels to encircle your bathroom fittings, achieving a flawless, integrated appearance.

Benefits Of Installing Ocean Blue Bathroom Wall Panels

Proclad’s installation process is designed to provide a seamless and professional outcome while ensuring ease of fitting and maintenance. The emphasis on user-friendliness and precision sets Proclad apart as a reliable solution for upgrading your bathroom wall panels. Here’s an overview of Proclad’s installation process:

Comprehensive Instructions: Our installation package includes detailed, step-by-step instructions that guide you through the entire process. These instructions are designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that even with basic DIY skills you can successfully complete the installation.

Lightweight Panels: The wall panels themselves are lightweight, making handling and positioning significantly easier. This characteristic streamlines the installation process, reducing the need for complex tools or equipment.

Easy Fitting: The panels are engineered for easy fitting. This means that they can be seamlessly integrated into your bathroom space without the need for extensive modifications. This simplicity in fitting ensures that the installation process remains hassle-free, saving you time and effort.

Tailored Customisation: The wall panels can be easily customised to fit around existing bathroom fixtures, such as sinks, bathtubs, and showers. This tailored fit adds a professional touch to the final appearance, creating a cohesive and integrated aesthetic.

Collaborative Approach: While the installation process can be accomplished by an individual, having a helper or partner can further streamline the process, ensuring panels are accurately positioned and fitted. The collaborative approach facilitates precise placement and enhances the overall result.

Minimised Disruption: The straightforward installation process minimises disruption to your daily routine. The ease of installation means that you can swiftly transform your bathroom without prolonged construction or renovation.

Hygienic Solution: Proclad’s focus on hygiene is evident in the materials and design. The coloured wall panels are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that your bathroom remains a hygienic environment over time.

Long-Term Assurance: Our commitment to quality is reflected in our 10-year guarantee. This assurance provides you with confidence in the durability and performance of the installed panels.

In essence, Proclad’s installation process encapsulates a user-centric approach, prioritising simplicity, precision, and longevity. By following the provided instructions and utilising the lightweight panels, you can achieve a professional-grade outcome that elevates the aesthetic and functionality of your bathroom space.


Style Effect: Plain
Size: 2440x1220x2.5mm
Length: 2440mm
Width: 1220mm
Thickness: 2.5mm
Qty Pack: 1
Weight 100 kg
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