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White Tile Effect Wall Panels, Aquaclad


Size: 2800x250x8mmQty Pack: 1

Enhance your bathroom with White Tile Effect Wall Panels, add these tile effect shower panels for a modern and classy touch. Easy to install without grouting, these durable PVC panels offer a hassle-free, 100% waterproof, and hygienic solution. Discover the convenience of lightweight panels backed by a 10-year guarantee.

  • Waterproof: Our White Tile Effect Bathroom Wall Panels offer 100% waterproof protection, keeping walls safe and dry.
  • Easy Installation: Achieve a pro finish with included instructions. Basic DIY skills and a helper are all you need.
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance: Simply wipe panels with soap and water to keep your bathroom pristine.
  • Tailored Fit: Achieve a seamless look by effortlessly customising panels to fit around bathroom fixtures.

Benefits of Our White Tile Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

Experience the benefits of White Tile Effect Wall Panels Elevate the aesthetic of your bathroom with our exquisite White Tile-Styled Bathroom Wall Panels, featuring a stunning design reminiscent of bathroom tiles. These panels effortlessly blend modern elegance with a touch of class, providing a visually captivating and sophisticated ambiance. Say goodbye to the hassle of grouting, as these durable PVC panels offer a seamless and grout-free installation experience.

Effortless Installation: With their user-friendly design, these panels can be easily installed without the need for grouting. The tongue and groove system ensures a secure and seamless fit, creating a professional and premium finish.

Waterproof and Hygienic: Enjoy peace of mind with 100% waterproof protection for your bathroom walls. Our panels are built to withstand moisture, preventing water damage and the growth of mould and mildew. Maintain a hygienic and pristine bathroom environment effortlessly.

Versatile Customisation: Tailor the panels to suit your bathroom layout and design preferences. They can be custom-cut to fit around permanent fixtures, such as light features and taps, ensuring a seamless integration and a tailored look.

Enhanced Insulation: These bathroom wall panels offer additional heat insulation properties, thanks to their hollow shafts that reduce heat conduction. Keep your bathroom or shower room energy-efficient and comfortable.

Premium Showroom Finish: Create a luxurious atmosphere with our White Tile Effect Bathroom Wall Panels. Their exquisite tile effect adds an ethereal aesthetic to any space, while a chrome or white panel trim can provide a polished and finished look.

Easy Maintenance: Enjoy the convenience of simple upkeep. Wipe the panels with soap and water to keep your bathroom shining and looking pristine.

Say goodbye to the hassle of complicated cleaning routines. Revitalise your bathroom with the captivating allure of our White Tile Wall Cladding. Indulge in the beauty of tiles without the cost and maintenance associated with traditional materials. Experience the ultimate combination of style, durability, and ease of installation. Transform your space into a sanctuary of elegance and sophistication.


Style Effect: Tile
Size: 2800x250x8mm
Length: 2800mm
Thickness: 8mm
Width: 250mm
Qty Pack: 1
Colour: White
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call_2_action styled_box guarantee_box