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Light Grey Tile Effect Wall Panels, Aquawall Washington (8 pack)


Size: 650x375x5mmQty Pack: 8

Enhance your interiors with Aquawall Washington Wall Panels, bringing a truly stylish finish to all interior walls. Experience the appearance of genuine tiled walls without troublesome grouting.

  • Stylish Finish: Elevate your interior spaces with a stylish finish that emulates genuine tiled walls.
  • Grout-Free: Enjoy the appearance of built-in grout lines without the hassle of unhygienic, dirty, or crumbling grouting.
  • Versatile Application: Ideal for bathrooms, shower rooms, wet rooms, and kitchens, providing a versatile and attractive solution.
  • High Impact Resistance: Experience lasting quality with panels crafted from solid, UV-resistant material that offers both style and endurance.
  • Easy Maintenance: Benefit from easy cleaning and a 100% waterproof, UV-resistant, and highly durable solution.
  • 10-Year Guarantee: Our Aquawall wall cladding system is confidently backed by a 10-Year Guarantee, ensuring your investment is protected.

In stock

Benefits of Aquawall Light Grey Tile Effect Bathroom Wall Panels

Elevate the aesthetic appeal of your interiors with the exceptional Aquawall Bathroom Wall Panels, introducing a captivating and profoundly stylish finish to all interior walls. With these panels, you’re set to immerse yourself in the visual delight of what appears to be genuine tiled walls, all while blissfully escaping the intricacies and hassles associated with traditional grouting.

Key Features and Benefits:

Stylish Elevation: Embark on a journey to elevate your interior spaces, as these remarkable panels bestow upon your walls a transformative and stylish finish that perfectly emulates the allure of genuine tiled walls.

Grout-Free Magic: Bid farewell to the tiresome chore of dealing with grout lines that are prone to becoming unhygienic, dirty, or even crumbling over time. Embrace the enchantment of built-in grout lines that are effortlessly hassle-free.

Versatility Redefined: These panels find their ideal habitat not only in bathrooms but also in the splendor of shower rooms, the allure of wet rooms, and the heart of bustling kitchens. This versatility ensures that your spaces are granted a timeless, attractive, and practical solution.

Enduring Resilience: Delve into the realm of enduring quality with panels meticulously crafted from solid, UV-resistant material. This superior construction ensures that the fusion of style and endurance is seamlessly embedded within your interiors.

Maintenance Simplified: Discover the ease and joy of maintaining your spaces, as these panels boast not only a 100% waterproof shield but also the prowess of being UV-resistant. Coupled with their inherent durability, they offer a practical solution that stands the test of time.

A Decade of Assurance: Immerse yourself in the luxury of peace of mind, as our Aquawall grey bathroom wall panels system comes fortified with the robust backing of a 10-Year Guarantee. This shield ensures that your investment is safeguarded with a promise of quality that resonates for years to come.

Elevate your interiors effortlessly with the Aquawall Washington Tile Effect Wall Panels, where style meets resilience in a harmonious dance that delivers a solution imbued with elegance, practicality, and a steadfast dedication to quality.


Style Effect: Tile
Size: 650x375x5mm
Length: 650mm
Width: 375mm
Thickness: 5mm
Qty Pack: 8
Colour: Grey
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call_2_action styled_box guarantee_box